Good quality sleep comes from good bedclothes: introducing "pasima"

Our comfortable pasima bedclothes are made of absorbent cotton and gauze fabric which helps you sleep well.

Since 1947, we have devoted ourselves entirely to making bedclothes using absorbent medical cotton, which was then an unconventional idea proposed by the founder of "pasima", Reiichiro Kakehashi.
Most of the bedding items today are made of various materials combined with chemical substances. Through our research and trials and errors tests, we finally reached the conclusion that the best skin-friendly bedclothes could be simply created with pure absorbent cotton and gauze. Ten years later, our enthusiasm and craftsmanship in making absorbent medical cotton enabled us to produce the ideal bedclothes we proudly present to you today.
"Good sleep is the basis of good health. Good bedclothes are the key to good sleep." We are delighted to create a bridge between good quality sleep and good health. This is the idea behind "pasima".


The soft touch of pasima derives from the abundance of natural water in the production process.

The pasima factory is located in Ukiha City, Fukuoka Prefecture, known as a river village blessed with clear springs. Under such circumstances, we make a point of harmonizing our manufacturing process with this gift of nature.
Clean water is essential for purifying cotton up to medical grade quality. In this way, the skin-friendly "pasima" is deeply related to the pure water and natural richness of the land.


The comfort of your skin is our number one priority. pasima - nothing more, nothing less: genuine natural bedclothes.

"pasima" is actually a quilting material made of absorbent medical cotton and gauze. It is obtained by carefully refining natural cotton, removing impurities such as oil and dirt as much as is physically possible without the usage of any chemicals like antibacterial agents, fabric softeners, fluorescent brightening agents, starch or fungicide. That’s why we are confident in saying that this skin-friendly and stress-free pasima material will help you achieve nice and comfortable sleep.


The quality of "pasima" is acknowledged worldwide for its safety.
It received the STANDARD 100 by OKEO-TEX®︎.

Our products became the first Japan-made bedding items that received the OKEO-TEX®︎ standard 100 classⅠ certification, which internationally applies safety and reliability standards to textile goods and strictly classifies them. Because they contain no harmful substances, our products present no health risks and are safe to use even on baby skin.


Japan quality
Japan is proud of its high quality products.

pasima products are all Japan made. All five processes, including: weaving and knitting, dyeing, sewing, refining cotton, filling, are managed at our own factory in Japan, which is why we proudly claim our products to be, "Genuine Japan-made". Each item has a barcode to enable quality checks and traceability. The person in charge of each process takes full responsibility for their own careful work in product manufacturing.

Limited edition in France
pasima ZEN®

"pasima ZEN®︎" is a brand of bedclothes made of high quality medical grade natural cotton. The high-density gauze (100% cotton) sandwiches an inner layer of cotton(85% absorbent cotton, 15% polyester) which makes "pasima ZEN®︎" a three-layer structure. It is cool and smooth in summer yet warm in winter. The skin-friendly bedclothes will give you a sound sleep every night throughout the seasons.

Recommended points.

  • It’s thin, light and soft to the touch.
  • It gets softer and fluffier the more you use it.
  • The fabric is moisture absorbent and well insulated.
  • The fabric is strong and durable.
  • It’s easy to wash since it dries quickly.
  • Bedclothes design minimizes dust.

Highly recommended for the people below.

  • For those who want a good night’s sleep.
  • For those who have delicate skin.
  • For everyone from newborn babies to the elderly.
  • Great for daily use or as a gift.



Product line-up

pasima ZEN®


Product outline

Blue Green, Rouge Pastel, Indigo, Bright Yellow, Charcoal Gray
Quilt patterns
Surface / 100% Cotton (gauze)
Filling / 85% Absorbent cotton, Conjugated fiber (Polyester)15%